Alice recited two lines of this poem to us during the first meeting and by popular demand, has translated it in full:

제목: 너에게 묻는다         시인: 안도현

연탄재 함부로 발로 차지 마라

너는 누구에게 한번이라도

뜨거운 사람이었느냐

반쯤 깨진 연탄

언젠가는 나도

활활 타오르고 싶을 것이다

나를  끝닳는 데까지

한번 밀어붙여 보고 싶은 것이다

타고 왔던 트럭에 실려

다시 돌아가면


처음으로 붙여진 나의 이름도

으깨어져 나의 존재도

까마득히 뭉개질 터이니

죽어도 여기서 찬란한 끝장을

한번 보고 싶은 것이다.

Title : I ask you   Poet :  Ahn Do-hyun. (born in 1961)

Don’t kick the used briquettes* with your feet.
Have you ever been warm to anyone at least once?

Half-broken used briquettes, one day I’ll want to burn.
I want to push myself to the end.
Used briquettes,

when I am being carted away

The first name I was given will be crushed

And I’ll be crushed

I want to stay here to see the glorious end of my life

Translated by Alice Eunkyung Lee


* Briquettes(煉炭) : a solid form of fuel used for heating.

The main ingredient is anthracite. (from coal)

*Used briquetts: The used briquettes(after using for heating) are made of white ashes.


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